The Giovanni Gimpelli Collection



About the Photographer

Giovanni Gimpelli is the nom de plume that this artist uses for anonymity.

He has been involved with photography since early childhood, first using his box brownie some fifty odd years ago loaded with black and white film. Most recently he has evolved into shooting with digital photography using state of the art equipment.

Giovanni Gimpelli is first and foremost a Fine Art landscape photographer but has in the past dabbled in several other genres.

Until recently he has never released any of his work to the public at large, other than presenting close family and friends with some of his work from time to time.



Triple layer of an acrylic print


Microfibre cloths

Care and Maintenance of your Giovanni Gimpelli Fine Art Printed on acrylic

The mounting process of your acrylic print/s have been created by very skilled, knowledgeable and experienced craft people. The utmost care has been taken throughout the mounting process using the finest materials in a dust-free environment.

The photographs have been printed directly onto acrylic sheet using environmentally safe UV ink that is weather proof and not prone to fading, then covered with another sheet of acrylic and a black backing sheet of acrylic.

Although UV cured inks are used, it is advisable to hang the print out of direct sunlight to ensure longevity.

You should never use any chemicals to clean the mounted work as this will damage the acrylic. Use only a clean, dry or damp microfibre cloth at all times


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